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about manufacturer

Spread Italian coffee throughout the world and make a quality product inspired by the Neapolitan tradition and authentically made in Italy, available on the national and international markets and created with the most advanced technology, while respecting the people and the environment.

Working hard and with passion to keep and enhance the particularity of Neapolitan espresso coffee and respect the changes in customers needs and tastes so as to always offer a product that is up with the times.

Coffee became widespread throughout the western world when in the 17th century it was probably brought over by the Turks in the Siege of Vienna and not only did it conquer Naples. In London it was a very popular drink, even before tea. Goldoni reminds us that coffee shops thrived in Venice. And in Vienna the book about coffee “Bevanda Asiatica” written by a certain Luigi Marsili, mentioned its use since 1685. Today however, neither London, nor Venice, nor Vienna has become synonymous with a good cup of coffee. Whereas Naples is. This is certainly only an opinion, but it has very deep roots. The reason is to be found in the special relationship that the Neapolitans have with coffee. It is a relationship of love with no strings attached.

In a city where practically everyone cultivates and hands down the art of coffee, the talent and intuition of some stand out. This is the case of the Rubino Brothers who founded the company Cafè do Brasil.
They did not start out as industrialists. They were coffee shop owners. They helped their father in the management of the family bar/bakery. The popularity of their espresso was soon extended beyond their neighbourhood and there are those who take a long walk to come and drink it. Their popularity increased very slowly, like sipping a cup of good coffee, and they got new ideas. Such as bringing the pleasure of Neapolitan coffee in all of the bars and in all of the homes all over the world.

In order to make a good coffee you must go very far because the quality depends above all on the quality of the raw materials. This is the reason why Kimbo S.p.A. has dedicated a lot of attention to the selection of green coffee from those countries that actually produce it. All the cultivation phases of the coffee are watched carefully and subject to multiple checks. This is how the plant can grow healthy and produce an excellent quality of red berries. Those same berries which hide their most precious treasure: the green beans. These are dried by the sun, decorticated and finally shipped to Italy.

There are two qualities of coffee: Arabic with a more intense and sweet aroma and Robusta with a spicier and bitter aroma, with a higher caffeine content. The experts at Cafè do Brasil select the best raw coffees of these two principal varieties on site and immediately provide to send samples to the factory in Naples, where a team of experts carry out product and chemical tests. Then the tasters come to give their approval of the raw material by using the most sophisticated machine that exists: their noses and their taste buds.

Espresso coffee has the flavour of Made in Italy. It is one of the most imitated products in the world: the world needs to learn how to recognize the original. Kimbo-s commitment towards spreading espresso coffee has brought to a turnover abroad equal to 15% of the sales. In France Kimbo is an absolute star, chosen by over 11,000 places. Today Kimbo is present in over 40 countries among which, Germany, Belgium, Canada, Australia, USA and Russia and has even reached the traditional English pubs, obtaining the prestigious UK-Italy Business Award in 2011, given to those companies that have been distinguished for their investments in the United Kingdom.

Kimbo is the company founded by the Rubino Brothers in 1963 and from which the Kimbo trademark was created, a name that evokes exotic lands where coffee beans are cultivated. Some years later the Kosè trademark was also created, a good and convenient product. In 2012 it conquered the coffee shops in Sardinia, thanks to the take-over of the historical coffee company from Cagliari, La Tazza d’Oro. In 1994 Cafè do Brasil ranked second in the retail sector of the Italian market for packaged coffee, a position that it still holds today. The growing success is definitely due to the strict loyalty given to tradition and the excellent quality as well as the money invested in advertising and corporate infrastructures. This is evident in the Melito factory of Naples that extends over 40,000 square meters, where the instruments and productive processes are constantly updated and always guarantee the achievement of very high productive standards, while respecting the environmental policies. Since 2009 Cafè do Brasil is also avant-garde in integrated logistics, with its Kimbo-hub (18,000 square meters) located in the transportation area of Nola.